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My experience at the Wopake Motorhome Park in Kenzingen
But the best thing was the service I experienced here. When I realized that my campervan mattress no longer met my needs, the Wopake team offered me a customized solution that I hadn't expected. They offered to make a tailor-made mattress for my campervan. Of course, I immediately accepted this generous offer.
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Experience report from Sabine & Klaus
Since having our custom mattress, our RV experience has improved significantly. We wake up rested and full of energy, ready for new adventures. Our friends who travel with us are also impressed by the quality and comfort.
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The right mattress for you: How to choose the right level of hardness
The level of hardness of your mattress has a huge influence on whether you wake up in the morning feeling rested and fit or whether you feel like you're worn out. A mattress that is too soft will not properly support your body and can lead to back or joint pain. A mattress that is too hard can cause pressure points and affect your sleep.
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