Experience report from Sabine & Klaus

Erfahrungsbericht von Sabine & Klaus

As passionate motorhome travelers, comfort was always of the utmost importance to us, Klaus and Sabine, during our adventures. But finding a mattress that met our individual needs and fit in our motorhome was often difficult. Until we came across the possibility of having a tailor-made mattress made.

After some research, we decided to have our mattress made by Womo mattress. The ability to individually adapt the mattress to our body size, sleeping habits and the space available in the motorhome convinced us immediately.

The ordering process went smoothly and we received our customized mattress in a very short time. We were thrilled the first time we tried it out. The comfort and support she provided far exceeded our expectations.

Since having our custom mattress, our RV experience has improved significantly. We wake up rested and full of energy, ready for new adventures. Our friends who travel with us are also impressed by the quality and comfort.

Overall , we can unreservedly recommend W omo Mattress and their tailor-made mattresses. They exceeded our expectations and are worth every penny. If you want to optimize your sleeping comfort on the go, you should definitely consider having a custom mattress made.