My experience at the Wopake Motorhome Park in Kenzingen

Meine Erfahrung im Wopake Wohnmobil Park in Kenzingen

Hello everyone!

My name is Hans and today I would like to tell you about my great stay at the Wopake Motorhome Park in Kenzingen . It was truly an experience that I can recommend to every motorhome owner.

When I arrived at Wopake Park, I was immediately greeted by the peaceful atmosphere and beautiful surroundings. Idyllically located, it offers comfort, nature and proximity to the city.

But the best thing was the service I experienced here. When I realized that my campervan mattress no longer met my needs, the Wopake team offered me a customized solution that I hadn't expected. They offered to make a tailor-made mattress for my campervan. Of course, I immediately accepted this generous offer.

The customization process went absolutely smoothly. An expert from the park came to my RV, took precise measurements and created a mattress. This was then delivered to my home about 3-4 weeks later and fit perfectly. I was impressed with the quality and comfort of the new mattress.

In addition to the great service, I was also impressed by the park's facilities. Everything was clean and well maintained.

Overall, I can highly recommend Wopake Motorhome Park in Kenzingen. My experience was one of excellent service, a picturesque setting and a tailor-made solution that made my stay really special. So if you are looking for a motorhome park that will take care of you and offer you unique extras, then you should definitely pay Wopake Park a visit.

Your Hans